Thursday, May 22, 2008

WiiFit Rocks

So, our long awaited WiiFit arrived yesterday. Initial thoughts:

- Fun. The activities are inviting and interesting.
- Competitive. Doing more allows you to 'unlock' more activities. The Wii way.
- Sturdy. I was concerned about standing on a piece of plastic, but it's pretty beefy.
- Secure. My family can't see my BMI as it's password protected. My Mii is a little 'stouter' than I would like - but I guess that's a motivator...

- Why not have a charger built into the stand? This thing takes 4 AA batteries. Sure, I will use rechargeable but it would be so much easier to plug the stand in somewhere when I'm done.
- Don't tell my 8 year old that she is underweight / overweight / weak. This should be a parent settable option.
- No multiplayer option (not that I found, at any rate). 2 kids. I need 2 mats. No questions.

All in all, I am impressed. Even if my Mii is a little chubby. I'll work on that.

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