Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is Wayfinder the ultimate N810 app?

So, I am really trying to find the ultimate app for my N810 (as I did for the N800).

Let me start by saying that I really do love this device. Linux in my pocket? All the makings of a geek love story. My problem is that Wayfinder is the only thing that I seem to use this for. 

Some points:
- Mobile email -- I have the Blackberry for that (Curve).
- Mobile browsing -- also taken care of by the Blackberry. (Plus I can't get DUN to work reliably through the berry -- a different post)
- Mobile blogging/writing/etc -- maybe, we'll see if I can pull that off
- Media player -- The Blackberry is starting to play here as well. And I have an iPod with much more storage.

I am still digging. I want to make this work. Stay tuned (and give me ideas if you have them!)

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